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We make it easy by developing a range of menus each week to suit all Australian households. We then simply deliver the recipes and fresh premium ingredients to your door, ensuring you're ready for the week ahead.


Our team of nutritionists and dietitians ensure the meals are nutritionally balanced, and we source the freshest, local, seasonal produce. We choose free range and sustainably farmed products whenever possible (it just tastes better).


With the use of lean meats, plenty of vegetables and wholegrains, our meals are packed with goodness – but above all we strive for our recipes to taste amazing. So go on, reignite your passion for cooking and get healthy in the process!

Choose your Food Bag

We offer a range of delicious food bags to suit different households and taste buds.

  • My Classic
  • My Family
  • My Gourmet
  • My Own
  • My Classic Food Bag

    • Feeds 2 adults and 2 teenagers or 4 adults
    • Choose 3 or 5 meals for the week
    $ 119 00
    per food bag
    free delivery
    See My Classic Bag
    from only
    $ 9 45
    per plate
  • My Family Food Bag

    • Feeds 2 adults and 2-3 younger children
    • 5 meals every week
    $ 159 00
    per food bag
    free delivery
    See My Family Bag
    from only
    $ 6 36
    per plate
  • My Gourmet Food Bag

    • Feeds 2 adults
    • 4 meals for the week
    $ 139 00
    per food bag
    free delivery
    See My Gourmet Bag
    $ 17 38
    per plate
  • My Own Food Bag

    • Feeds 1 adult
    • 3 meals (breakfast option available) every week
    $ 74 00
    per food bag
    free delivery
    See My Own Bag
    from only
    $ 14 14
    per plate